Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Ohhhh, a truth table! I see the logic of that!

In my last post on this subject I said that I had no idea what Kaalus was on about in his post. I still don’t, but my old SL mate Dale has shown me the light and in doing so opened my eyes to the potential of Kaalus’s Truth Table and maybe even revealed a little of where the talented Survivalcraft dev is going with his huge logic system overhaul.

In a nutshell, which is how simple souls such as I like things delivered, the ‘truth table’ will allow you to set an output condition from up to four (more of you chain tables & system together) input conditions. Which is to say…

Imagine you are creating an adventure map for other players to play through and you want to build a system whereby the player has to flick a switch in one part of the map, trigger a pressure plate in another and activate a sensor in a third before you will allow a door to open and then add the fact that this door will only open at night – well how would you do that? The truth table, that’s how! The switch, the pressure plate, the motion detector and the light sensor could all be wired up to the truth table and you could set the table to output a 1 to a door (which would open the door) only when all four of the inputs (switch, plate, & both sensors) are outputting a 1 at the same time!

Now maybe imagine another puzzle where playing certain notes in a number of different music systems would give you the right combinations of outputs for the truth table to open a door to escape… or release a pack of werewolves into the maze… or reveal the next clue… or set off a series of timed explosives that are working their way towards you right now!

These are just the ideas that have occurred to me today and I’m not a very creative soul so you can imagine what the clever players out there will come up with! This will make adventure maps very powerful, I think 🙂

Now it’s true that I can’t see much use for all this logic in the current (1.22) survival game, but if Kaalus ever adds mechanical blocks such as pistons and engines, and moving blocks such as carts and rail bogies then I can see a real potential for sophisticated mining rigs that could turn a laborious dig into a useful quarry controlled from afar and responding to inputs such as transportation & storage availability. Now that really would be giving MC a run for its money! Let’s hope Kaalus is turning his attention to mechanics after his electrics update in 1.23 🙂



  1. I think Kaalus says there was going to be motion sensor. Hopefully it has some range, perhaps like a laser trip sensor. But would be really use fully would be a sensor that returns a signal showing what is underground, even if it merely detects voids, but better if it identified the block types it saw.

  2. Anyone even modding the game at all other than textures? Still haven’t had time to go slog through the forums. Did you see Kaalus’ announcement today about how the Halloween release will transform Survivalcraft into a Graveworld? You need to post something about that!

  3. Not really modding, not that I’ve seen. I think there are some clever & fun adventure maps out there, but without trawling through the forums I wouldn’t know which were good and which were crap – maybe the ratings system will help with that.

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