Whilst over in Minecraft… Carrots!

Whilst Kaalus is adding more animals and logic circuits to Survivalcraft, the guys developing Minecraft Pocket Edition are busy adding stuff I both understand and want. I can see MCPE becoming my ‘go to’ game when the 0.8.0 update comes out in November.

Tweet from Johan Bernhardsson (@jbernhardsson) “And finally added Carrots and Potatoes, more tomorrow! 🙂 http://twitter.com/jbernhardsson/status/390118430298218496/photo/1



    1. Heh… I like a wee spot of farming in games, gives me something to do. It’s a tough balance though, too easy and I think why bother, too tough and I think the same. I like an easy growing cycle with several ingredients per dish so there is a a clear reason & then reward to farming.

  1. I grew frustated trying to even grow enough wheat to make a loaf of bread. I would run around whacking at the grass for hours until a few wheat seeds would pop out, and then when I planted them, waited, then harvested, they would not pop out seeds, so a wheat field to make bread is unsustainable! This is in survivalcraft.

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