Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… My Next Great Idea!

It occurred to me as I was replying to TrekkerTim, a fellow Survivalcraft player and commentor on this blog, last week about what may lurk under the oceans in SC. What occurred to me, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Captain Nemo, that’s what! I know! Brilliant, eh?

What? What do you mean you’re confused? Sigh… Ok, let me ease your burden of incertitude and explain what I mean.

Quite simply of like to see Survivalcraft develop into a world resembling that created by Jules Verne in his amazing 20,000 Leagues under the Sea which, of course, starred the brilliant Captain Nemo. There you go, that’s that cleared up, eh?

What? Still want more? Blimey!

Righto, well first let me say that whilst I love Survivalcraft, I have not been shy about pointing out what I think are its weaker aspects. Since I wrote the “3 things” post Kaalus has updated, changed and added a heck of a lot but I still don’t feel the core of my disatisfaction has been addressed and that is there simply is nothing to do in the game once you have built a shelter and gathered enough food.

For longevity’s sake the game needs one of two things (preferably both); multiplayer and an end game, but another great idea, in my humble onion, would be adding the ability to mod. That, combined with the adventure mode, would provide an excellent system for different kinds of game play which leads me nicely to what I’d like to see in Survivalcraft… a Jules Verneian/Captain Nemoish world where not only do you have to survive by mining and farming on the land, but you have to explore and conquer the ocean as well and to do this you have to build the kind of amazing things that I loved in the old Disney film with the brilliant James Mason. Here’s the trailer, look out for the diving suits and think of how cool it would be to build these to explore the endless seas Kaalus has given us, fighting off sharks, harvesting fish and mining rate ores. Hell, read the opening text and tell me that’s not Survivalcraft it’s describing 😀

So there you go, *that’s* my idea for Survivalcraft; surviving, mining, farming, diving, exploring the sea bed, building an underwater base, fighting a kraken…


  1. Besides mods, didn’t Minecraft also get hacked into what people wanted it to be? I am curious if anybody’s done anything with Survivalcraft besides make textures and maps? I think Kaalus gave out the format of the map files so people can make editor if they want. If I have time I’m going to go peruse the forums for once.
    So much of any survivalcraft map is water, why not populate it and explore it?

    1. Can’t agree with you more, mate. This post was written over about 4 days in bits & pieces and that always, for me at least, leads to a confused mess of a post in the end. I don’t think I adequately explained my idea well enough because there were too many ideas in the mix. Essentially I wanted to write about a different sort of game – a blocky or non-blocky crafting, exploration and resource harvesting game set in the world of Captain Nemo but this post also touched on two other important aspects that need to happen first:

      1) The game needs an end game, or the ability to create one.
      2) More games, not just SC, need to open up the oceans for gameplay.

      I need to mull this over some more and maybe write a new post, but in the meantime I would dearly love to build machines in SC, especially now we have electricity. Damn, That’s *another* post, isn’t it… 😀

    1. Not at the moment, you can online if someone has set up a server and gives you the address for that server. The Relams feature is only in beta testing right now so doesn’t work for most payers but once it goes live (possibly early next year) I *think* you’ll be able to search like that.

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