Whilst over in Minecraft… Building a pirate world

The Boy and I have decided to join forces in MCPE to build a pirate world using a cool little seed (seedsftw) that generates a lot of islands connected by an ocean and we are going to film the whole doggone affair for his blog.

The idea came from this brilliant poster on his wall. I’ve no idea where the poster came from, but I could spend hours exploring it 🙂


Once I had found the seedsftw seed I knew it would be perfect for recreating that map and my son loved the idea. Here’s what the seed world looks like when you first spawn there.

I’ve filmed the first and second day of building and you can see the vids over on his blog but let me tell you I’ve not had an easy time filming. The first day took four attempts to get a isle film thanks to my tablet deciding to try and download huge app updates just as we started. I’ve taken my tablet to one side and had a word. It won’t be doing it again anytime soon, I can promise you that!

Day 1 is up here. Day 2 will come soon.


  1. I don’t think the seeds in Survivalcraft do much. I think the world creation routines would have to have explicitly different code to force dramatically different worlds, and have secret seed words attached to those routines like in Minecraft. I don’t think even if you went through every seed in Survival craft you would end up with a ocean world with only islands.

    1. I suspect you are right – I have seen one seed that changes your start point to a large sand hill by the sea and whilst it was novel to start on a point higher than the ship’s masts, the actual land was still no different than other seeds, just hilly by the sea rather than flat.

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