Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Spelunking at sea!

Whilst out at sea following the ghostly galleon I spied an island with a cave entrance. As I’d been talking to TrekkerTim in the comments about the possibility of caves existing under ocean islands I went for a poke about…Here I am in the cave that ran through the island but didn’t go down into it…

Once I decided to dig down I hit pay dirt! I huge cave system with flooded caverns, long branches and another lava & water room 😀


    1. Nice work, mate! I’ve been exploring a lot of seeds lately and I’ve noticed 2 things:

      1) Very few cave openings in mountains (lots of holes through mountains, but very few caves in those holes),

      2) No bears in the caves I have found – one a single one!

      If I were to guess, I’d say the terrain generation is all out of whack 😦

  1. I’ve been finding a lot of very big and long islands, very mountainous, not flat at all. At first Kaalus made larger flat areas for the horse riding, but then he started generating a lot of wild tall mountains.

    1. Hi TT,

      I was just replying to Dave above that I think the terrain generation feels ‘off’ to me. Lots of nice, dramatic hills and mountains but very few caves in them.

      I wonder what Kaalus has planned for the terrain gen in the next update…

            1. Yup. But you have to root the device. There are some recorders that work without rooting – you have to connect the tablet to the computer and the computer records what you do on the tablet 🙂

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