Mobile me… Things I’ve learnt from filming games on my tablet, part the second!


Twelve hours is a long time in the video editing world, it seems. As I was typing up my last post yesterday afternoon, my tablet was rendering another video for me, or rather it was failing to. I did mention how I’d moved from VidTrim to AndroMedia for reasons of quality. Unfortunately AndroMedia failed to render videos more often than it succeeded, and at 2+ hours a time that’s a lot of wasted time. Something had to be done.

I searched and searched for an alternative but every app seemed to be to lite or too basic or simply not quite finished and I had all but given up when I came across VideoPad which has a free and paid for option (another bonus as AndroMedia was only free, a state of affairs I’m not comfortable with as it suggests they care more about earning revenue through ads then they do about selling a good product). So far VideoPad has proved more powerful and more flexible than AndroMedia and even delivers better quality results, which is a pleasant bonus. I’m going to test it more fully and report back in a few days, but if it carries on like this I’ll have no problems in parting with the £6 the full version costs

One thing though, after a few trail runs this morning and rendering three 7-10 minute videos back to back, my Nexus is currently hot enough to fry an egg on, which can’t be good for it I suspect… 0.o


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