Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Deep Sea Orca

Whilst I was flying over the sea after the ghost ship, I noticed a killer whale far, far below me. Diving down for a closer look I began to appreciate just how deep the deep sea could be in Survivalcraft!



  1. I’m wondering why he didn’t make any of the sea animals bioluminescent. But then I’m still waiting for me to hold a lit torch in my hand!

  2. I wonder if there are deep sea trenches in the game. Should get deep enough that there’s no light to see. Even if you make a pocket of air and put a torch inside of it, it doesn’t seem to cast light out into the water.

    1. I’ve seen very deep areas of the sea, areas then feel as though I’m ‘flying’ a long way to reach the bottom of. In fact, one of the things about the reworked terrain generation I’ve really liked is the spaces now contained under water, but like so much in games with water if there is no way to explore these spaces they are simply wasteland.

      Old style diving suit, perhaps? 😉

      Actually… this has given me an idea for a post…

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