Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Feed the beast!

In the next (1.23) update to Survivalcraft, Kaalus is adding a fun new mechanic to some of the animals; stubbornness! Apparently the horses will start refusing riders too 😀

Rear more here:


  1. Maybe if the animal throws you up into the air a bit when it rejects you might be fun, but horses are already difficult to steer and go long distances with. They need to let you at least slap a saddle on a zebra or a giraffe even if it does throw you, it might be fun for the kids.

      1. Hopefully the generated structures will have some significance about them such as mineshafts going only into caves of rich deposits perhaps diamonds. Or ruins that have chests in them containing some random objects. Or even some large random shapes made out of anything that one would find interesting to come across and build upon.

        1. For me, they will provide important reasons to explore, a narrative opportunity that the game currently lacks – the land is big and beautiful but it has no stories in it and nothing to hook your own on to.

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