Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Undersea caves for TrekkerTim :-)

In a recent comment TrekkerTim wondered if there were caves under the islands out to sea. I have to admit that I have wondered about that to so I decided that very next island I found, I would reverse nerd-pole down to bedrock and then dig out to see what I could find.

Well for the longest time I found nothing until I suddenly popped a magma bubble and burst into flames. Being deep under the ocean I was contemplating digging directly up hoping to come out in the sea bed and both douse myself and flood the tunnels below me, but I didn’t have to as I almost immediately punctured an underground lake!

To cut a long story a little shorter, I dug lots of tunnels and soon discovered I was in the middle of a very weird subterranean water & lava system that I can’t help but find very, very cool 😀

So this shot is for TrekkerTim 🙂




  1. Have you tried paddling around in the boat yet? Wonder if a boat will float right on a pond of water in a room under the sea?

    1. Nah, not tried a boat at all yet. I’m toying with the idea of a new Antland series, but this time filmed and in that I’ll work up to a lot of the current (whatever current is at the time of filming) goals such as boat building and island hopping but gods know when I’ll get the time to do something like that ;-D

    2. Also a damn good question about the water-under-water… my guess is yes and I don’t get the impression the blocks are smart enough to know what other blocks are surrounding them so water deep in an undersea cave will probably ‘think’ its water on the surface. I’ll test it one day 😀

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