Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… A world of islands awaits!

Now that I can record gameplay and get it up to YouTube from my tablet, I’ve been wondering what to actually record & publish and going with the age old advice of doing what you enjoy yourself I’m toying with recording 5 to 10 minute films of the initial exploration of random seeds.

Whilst toying with this plan I’ve been flying out to sea a lot to get a feel for how many islands there are out there and how far and in doing so I’ve found some lovely little islands that I’ve been motivate enough to take a picture of.

Ladies and gentlebumps, may I present my first collection of Survivalcraft islands 🙂








  1. I don’t know, but I’ve wondered that myself. I have a plan to dig down (reverse nerd pole) on a small island and then start spreading out to see if I hit a cave. I really hope there are caves under the sea because I still want to see a cave-in mechanic added and if that involved water and/or lave it would be amazing 🙂

  2. Surprised you are finding such tiny islands. Lately I cannot seem to find other than large, mountainous ones. Sometimes the island generation will stop for a while and there’s a lot of open sea. Also, ever figure out why some water is blue and some is green? Other than the ice biome water that is.

    1. I’ve never noticed the water colour difference… how odd… It would be fun to have different kinds of water though, fresh & sea (and maybe swampy, too?) as that would add creature variety and possible even an interesting possibilities for farming & thirst mechanics.

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