Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… A tour of the water lava cave!

I decided to film the strange lava and water cave that I found under an island out to sea. I’m not 100% happy with the quality of these videos, maybe it’s a limitation of filming on a tablet, or maybe the SCR app isn’t as good as I thought, but whatever the reason even this transposed at 720p and ‘high’ quality is a bit ropey 😦

Still, you can see the water and the lava flowing together in this subterranean room and not hissing into blocks of basalt. Weird, huh?



  1. Wow that is a lot of lava! You before the island generation there was still terrain under the water that I flew out over. What is surprising is after the update is islands and their under water terrain were generated in those areas when I thought I would have to go way beyond ocean I had already flown over. Nice to hear the cave generation is working underwater. Or is it? Should there be openings to caves under water?

    1. I’ve seen lots of islands over the last few days but I’ve yet to see one with a cave opening, but then I’ve not seen many cave openings on land either. If I were to guess, I’d say the latest terrain generation algorithm isn’t producing as many caves as I’ve seen it do in the past (1.19 for example).

      1. What excited me the most about that release is that Kaalus actually implemented one of my suggestions. The werewolves now drop a diamond when you kill them! I then actually had a reason to go out at night and not just sleep through it. The game occupied me for several days as I figured out how to best hunt them. In the morning after a short nap (gotta sleep now) I would celebrate by constructing a diamond tipped machete and enjoying an exceptionally vigorous day of smack fishing on my long custom pier out into the ocean.

          1. It seems like the animals types group together in certain subsections of a biome. In the current map I’m playing I’m on the ocean shore wolves keep hanging out near my home and getting in the way. I’ve seen as many as a dozen in the grass nearby. It’s annoying when I’m trying to dig because if one of them is in view it will smack them instead of digging then all of a sudden they will attack and kill me. All my belongings pop out everywhere including the ocean nearby. And I’ll also get regenerated in the darkness of some cave underground nearby but far from picking up my items! Have you had that happen?

            1. Nope, I’ve never had the spawning underground thing, but if it’s a new occurrence since 1.20 I doubt I will have as I haven’t played it since then.

              I have noticed wolves gathering together and my main house in Antland was situated at one of these ‘dens’ – they were everywhere!

              As for my belongings poofing out all over the shop, I can only say that that was and still is one of my biggest bugbears about the game. The inventory loss mechanic is simply too harsh:




              Have you ever had animals spawn inside your house? I came back after an in-game 10+ day journey to find two angry bears in my attic!


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