Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Beached whale!


Whilst noodling about testing random seeds, I came across this wee fella stranded on the smallest ocean island I’ve ever seen. Being a decent sort I didn’t ignore his red flashing, a sure sign his beaching was causing him damage, and swung down to roll him back into the sea. True that to do this I had to punch him in the schnoz a few times but he seemed to get the bigger picture and didn’t try to bite me in half before he swam off, which is always a bonus when dealing with an orca 😀



  1. You don’t realize it, but you’ve found the perfect spot for a brisk round of smack fishing. Take a raw or cooked chicken and toss it just far enough out in the water so you don’t automatically pull it back in. The watch how the new pathfinding algorithm works with the sea animals. Have your machete ready and start smacking them as soon as the smell and start approaching. You might be surprised how far your reach is. You can’t do this in a boat, because once you start smacking one, they just all attack the boat and sink you.

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