Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… PITFALL!

It’s no secret I wasn’t stoked about the last couple of big updates in Survivalcraft. Despite all the amazing & dedicated work by Kaalus the developer, I just wasn’t bothered about the things he added. Yes the terrain tweaks were nice, but they didn’t answer my need for some level of the finite in the infinite and then all the extra hunger & sleep mechanics just didn’t interest me. In the end I drifted away from the game. I took up with Minecraft Pocket Edition again, but even that faded out as my son stopped playing it in favour of spending his summer holidays outside in something called fresh air and sunshine. Freak.

But today’s blog post from Kaalus has me all excited about SC again. In 1.23 he’s adding the start of generated structures! True it’s only hidden grass traps for now, but should the experiment go well we could see NPC villages and even abandoned mine systems in the already impressive caves! All the things that Mojang are still umming and erring about for MCPE.

If Kaalus could just add multiplayer, even just wifi multiplayer for now, Survivalcraft would quickly replace MCPE as my ‘go to’ mobile game, mainly because I could play it with my son and we both prefer SC to MCPE as it offers a more comprehensive and enjoyable building experience. Sorry Mojang, but SC is years ahead of the cute MCPE 🙂




  1. Got your wish for islands in Sc I see mate. My son also longs for multi player In SC haha. The only thing I want is an explosive that detonates with the force of 100 TNT barrels. I’ve started building slowly again but knowing the amount of terrain I need to excavate puts me of alot ;( .

    1. Yup, although I’ve yet to explore them. I have started a new world but I stalled on the first night trapped in a small dirt hovel with leaves blocking up the door. Oy vey! I’ve been playing MCPE more as my lad is in the midst of a manic building phase so always wants me in-world with him (not to mention some friends from the ‘states have started up a multiplayer server to relive our Second Life fun and I’ve sunk a fair few hours into that 😀 )

      1. I usually dig a fox hole about two blocks down with dirt on bottom and then use one of the blocks to block the top. Since the update, I can get killed by not making enough ceiling room, and I’m standing up or something and suddenly die. Just don’t understand what exactly its doing yet. Have to watch out also when I’m nerdpoling from inside a cave to dig my way up through the ceiling. If I don’t dig up far enough, when I jump up to place that block under me, I think I hit my head on the ceiling and die. Kaalus really makes the caves go on and on and on now, although I have yet to find lava, seemed a little easier before the update.

        1. I’ve been exploring seeds a lot in the last week or so and I have to say that I’m not finding as many caves as I used to around 1.17 & 1.18 – also they don’t seem to go as far and I have not yet found one pool of lava. I have found several flooded caves, which I really like, but nada lava 😦

    2. Been having problems when I place barrels, they don’t seem to blast downward much. Would also like a blast that leaves all precious ore undamaged. Has anyone found a way to fill a large blast hole with water so it looks like the ocean?

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