Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Good Lord! An aquarium!

In the latest round of MCPE mania, The Boy has been trying out Survivalcraft again and downloading some really well made zoos to explore (one of the main difference between SC & MCPE is the fact that SC has a large, and growing!, number of creatures to play with) and it got me thinking about building a shark tunnel like the ones at sea world.

I started a new, flat creative world for my experiments and test builds:

And then I set about building a glass archway in a what was essentially a large glass box. My idea was to have the tunnel set into the ground by one block so the people wandering through would be at face level with the sea bed as the rays like to hide in the sand.

The hardest part was filling the room full of water as using a bucket starts a flow of water, but in a localised area and without filling up an enclosed volume. In the end it took lots of faffing about with placing and breaking glass blocks to move the water flow around and convert the empty air blocks to full water blocks.

But in the end the test tunnel worked quite well 🙂

Now to see if I have the time, energy and patience to do a full version!


  1. There were some pirahnna in the water at the shore. I had on land, a single piranna in a single water block surrounded by glass. I smacked the piranna in the water and the one in the glass jumped out at me along with the others!

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