Whilst over in Minecraft… Surviving day two!

When last you saw me in the brand new Daddy’s World, I was hiding from two creepers in a half built dirt hovel, but I’m happy to say that I survived. Whilst the ‘splody sods were bothering my front door, I knocked a back one into the soil walls and did a runner. The green barstools trundled after me but having bad eyesight and dumb AI they trundled right over the edge of a crevasse! Good! I knew building my house on the edge of a ruddy great hole was a good idea 😉

Once the popping fools were gone I headed back to the hovel and finished the roof before huddling down for a long night on the floor. Whatever I did the next day, I *had* to get some wool for a bed. And some coal.



To do so, I had to fight of burning zombie and great ‘orrible spiders!



But at the end of day two I could relax a little and watch the sunset knowing I had a bed and torches to keep me safe and warm 🙂

What will day 3 bring in Daddy’s World, I wonder?


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