Whilst over in Minecraft… A Whole New World!

What with The Builder Boy addicted to MCPE again, I’ve found my own desires to dig and stack blocks also on the rise and so I’ve started a new world. In the past I’ve given all my worlds silly name such as Antland and Termite Canyon, but now both my kids also play MCPE on their tablets I’ve found its all too easy for them to log in to mine by mistake so I’ve called this one Daddy”s World in the hope that will keep the buggers out 😀

I’m not sure what I’m going to do in this world yet, but the seed is a good one – if you want to try it, type tiffy1 into the seed box, I think you’ll like it.

This is the rise I’ve chosen to be the site of my first home, I’ve taken down a few trees and dug some earth to make a simple hovel with a door…


I dallied too long watching the moon…


And suddenly find myself with only half a hovel and two creepers inbound! Eeek!


Start as you mean to go on, Burro, start as you mean to go on 😀



    1. Hi Jordan, thanks for commenting 🙂

      Kids are the worst – griefers the lot of ’em 😀 Now my little girl can get into MCPE on a tablet, my son is on a knife edge of panic that she’ll wipe out his worlds 😀

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