Elite Dangerous: What a Burro wants from the next Elite game, part two…

In my last post I talked about how I wanted to see an Earth-centric universe in Elite Dangerous and I was really pleased to hear I will be getting just that when the game is released in early 2014. If you pop over to the official YT channel, this fourth fiction diary video mentions it just at over six minutes in and to know that the Federation HQ is on Mars is just amazing. All in all, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a Fed now 🙂

And my desire to play a Fed leads me nicely on to my next ‘what I want to see in the game’ post. Realistic humans, that’s what. What do I mean be that? Well, simple really. Too often in sci-fi the humans are abstracted to the point where they are pretty much aliens. Their motivations, actions and reactions are so far removed, usually due to the nature of evolving societies and advancing technology, as to bear little resemblance to what I recognise as human. At that point I lose interest in them because I can no longer connect to them and unlike fantasy I read sci-fi precisely to connect to a concept of own potential future.

So when it comes to the humans in Elite Dangerous I want them to be more like us with the same drives and fears, the same desires and goals but I still want them to be more exotic. I want them to be transhuman, altered by tech and by genetic engineering, but fundamentally still human at their core.

Both The Federation & the Alliance sound like my kind of people. a union of utilitarian capitalists on one hand and a loose collective of trading partners on the other – these are people I can understand. But then you come to the Imperials well then those fellas suddenly start looking more like aliens than they do humans, but given that there are only three intelligent races in Elite one of which is humans, another is extinct and the third may not be in the game at release, it makes sense to have something of the ‘other’ in the mix.

Still, no matter how cool Imperial ships are, there is no way I’m handling slaves so it’s the Fed for me 🙂


  1. I guess you’re following the goings on closer than I am and thinking about the back story more..

    Personally I’m going to be starting out at Lave or Earth and exploring my way as far out from the core as I can.

    But for the beta I’m going to try every role I can. Even Imperial! I’m hoping there will be a way to rescue slaves similar to some of the OOLite expansions..

    P.s. What do you know I have a wordpress login ;o))

    1. Hi mate! Long time no hear! I tried sending emails a while back but either had never taken your address out just got bounce backs – I can’t recall which now 😀

      How, and where, have you been mate?

      I’ve been following it since the start of the kickstarter, but I didn’t back it as we can’t afford things like that now I have two kids 😦 But I’m really looking forward to its release as they are promising an explorer’s dream of a game. I have a post planned on this, but what I’m hoping is that exploring will grant you the chance to witness amazing interstellar events in glorious cinematic HD… I’ll never get the chance to see a star go nova or to fly through planetary ice rings in real life, but if they do this game correctly at least I’ll be able to in my Cobra Mk3 😀

  2. Hotmail killed my SL email for inactivity and I’ve yet to set-up another non-work account 😦

    Elite was huge for me as a kid too, I guess we must be ages/ Not having kids I was able to back without hiding the credit card ;o)

    I’ve even reserved my name in game already! Elite has me eyeing up gamer PC specs in a way that even SL didn’t ;o)

    If there’s any sort of invites issued when they let us ingame I’ll be sure to keep you in mind..

        1. Excellent! I need to ask more about Oolite as I have it but no joystick with which to play it. Any recommendations?

          No email has cover through to headburroantfarm at the old gmail.com – try again 😀

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