Adventures in Ingress: Battle Royale

The Smurfs didn’t manage to take all my portals back yesterday so I went around at dinner and claimed back what I could and took a few new ones for good measure. I had just sat down at my desk when my phone huuwuumed to let me know someone was attacking my newly gained gains. I opened up the scanner just in time to see the one portal I can sometimes reach from my desk (the fickle gods of GPS willing) being attacked.

The fickle gods were indeed willing and I hacked right back in and so began an Epic Battle of Epicness! As he took down portals I threw them back up, as he smashed in shields I lashed more on. I sucked up all the XM I could and broke into power cube after power cube to keep up with the dizzying speed with which he attacked my portal until I received a message from my enemy.

“OK, I’ll let you keep that one :)”

I had won and, being honest, it was a hell of a thrill 😀


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