Adventures in Ingress: Sticking it to the Smurfs

I had a big surprise when I reached work today… The Smurfs had lost a couple of their portals to some enterprising Enlightened players! Good lads! They had taken down two of the main linking portals  and broken the largest MU fields.

I took a wander at dinnertime and decided that if the green portals had survived over the weekend then the Smurfs who took down my gains last week must have gone home for the summer. It was tine for my take over plan!

I started small but quickly gained in confidence as portal after portal fell to me and the thrill of the battle was upon me 😀




I took portals all over campus until I had taken over nearly the whole place! This is how it looks now…


Not bad, huh?

Small edit… As I’ve been writing this, the head Smurf has returned and has already ripped most of my  work apart. Actually that’s good news as today’s fun got me to level 5 and if I have to do it again I’ll be on my way to 6 😉


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