Games… What’s in and what’s out in the Burro household.

This is a filler post, I’ll not lie to you. I have a post about Elite half done and I can’t seem to finish it and that led me to thinking about what I’m playing, and not playing, at the moment.


Second Life: Nope, I can honestly say that I never even think about this game now. Sometimes I wonder what kept me in there for so long but then I remember all the fun I had in Murray and with the TSMGO guys and in Kahruvel and the answer is obvious πŸ™‚

LOTRO: Holy crap no! This game I don’t mids in the slightest. Nasty grindy thing.

Guild Wars 2: I haven’t played this since November now and I don’t really miss it which is still a source of some surprise to me.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: The last update (0.7.0) didn’t really do it for me so I haven’t picked this up again. I might do once Realms goes active but that rather depends on how much server access costs.

Survivalcraft: Nothing is really grabbing me about this any more. The last update didn’t float my boat and the upcoming one isn’t making me tingle either. Maybe it’s something I’ll come back to, but I’m not so sure given my track record for leaving games and not looking back.


Borderlands 2: Oh boy, I’m loving this game. Nuff said. Apart from Handsome Jack is amazing and Claptrap’s bistro dubstep is brilliant. wub wub wub wub.

Ingress: Silly escapist fun, I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would ever have done but it really makes me wish for a fuel cell battery in my phone πŸ˜‰

Carmageddon: I bloody loved this on the PC many moons ago and now I have a version of it on my tablet. A riot of bad taste πŸ˜€


Elite Dangerous: Now this is the biggie I’m looking forward to, but more of that in a future post…

What are you playing right now? Leave a comment below. Or don’t, it’s OK either way, I’ll still love ya πŸ˜‰


  1. You know that you really don’t need to wait on Mojang and Realms? Check out I’ve started playing MCPE a little since my 4yr old is wanting to play it now. As far as Survivalcraft you should check out what badadvice_guru and I have just started here .

    I’ve got a backlog of games. I haven’t even gotten to play all the games from the latest Humble Bundle ( and now they just released Magic the Gathering for Android. I’m probably most excited for MtG.

    Once a week I get out of the house for game night with the guys and we play Munchkin and Eclipse.

    1. Hi mate, sorry for the delay in replying. Work, family here from Canada and the local village fete this weekend all mean I’ve been tied up for days πŸ˜€

      Love the sound of the MCPE server thing. How safe is it? I wouldn’t want to download a keylogger…

  2. Well like er LOTRO…:(
    I can only just remember the days when I used to have a stack of games ready to be finished..ps2, gamecube and PC…

  3. I log in to LOTRO, pick up a hobbit present, log out again. Probably get back to it soon, I enjoyed Rohan but haven’t done the new area yet.

    Played Guild Wars… it was nice, enjoyed it, too much choice for it to really steal me away though, so currently leaving it.

    SWTOR I am dabbling in occasionally because its free, and the same with Champions online, kinda having fun.

    Downloaded and played Rift… what an awful and generic piece of crap that is, stuck with it for a week or so, but no, not for me.

    Playing Rfactor2, F12012, and Forza with friends online with my wheel as always, still enjoying those.

    Really fancy picking up Skyrim and finally giving that a crack in the future, and the watched my younger sibling playing ‘the last of us’ on PS3 and that is an amazing game, so quite fancy giving that a go.

    1. I keep hearing how good Skyrim is… I really need to get it on a Steam sale and try it out. The one thing that is stopping me is that it’s fantasy and I really feel I’ve burnt out on the genre right now and I’m really looking forward to a sci fi game like Elite.

  4. I understand your feelings about Second Life. And I’m amazed at how many games you’ve taken on. I officially left but still visit to build things of interest. I’ve completely dropped out of the social scene. I did some fly-byes on some other games but never connected, probably because my real life has been more encompassing than in the past. Best wishes HB!

    1. Hiya mate. I’ve not really taken that many on but I do like to change up a lot πŸ™‚ Partly it’s due to a lack of time, partly because after the addiction of SL & LOTRO I really want to avoid being sucked into anything that much again. I managed to avoid it with GW2, but I worry I might not be as successful with the new Elite πŸ™‚

  5. Second Life. That ship sailed a long time ago and I don’t miss it at all.

    Lotro, as you said was too grindy, eventhough I sometimes miss it because of the lore.

    Guild Wars 2. I honestly don’t know what happened there. One minute I was all over it, the next I just can’t be bothered. Beautiful as it may be is just failed to pull me in enough……or may be I’ve just had enough of the MMO genre for a while.

    Now I’m playing Skyrim and it’s FANTASTIC! I bought it with its three add-ons together with the HUGE legendary game guide and it has been worth it. Best single player game I’ve played so far. It’s got everything I want: massive world, exploration, adventure and mean combat…..coming face to face with dragons, pure heroism! πŸ™‚

    1. I totally understand you on GW2… I can’t explain it either but I’ve just gone totally cold on it for no real reason.

      Now Skyrim is something I hear nothing but good things about. I’m going to look for it on the next Stream sale but in the meantime I also have Mass Effect 1 & 2 to try out soon πŸ™‚

  6. This kind of post is always fun… πŸ™‚

    Second Life: yes,still, pretty much daily. It still beats everything else on the creative, and even the social, aspects. Just not the gameplay!

    WoW: for awhile whenever a new patch comes out or I am just in the mood, but I get bored again pretty quick.

    Diablo III: Played it for awhile, tried Hardcore mode a bit, now completely bored by it and had nearly forgotten about it. Not awful, but I don’t see why ppl make a big deal about the series really.

    … And that’s it for PC or even console games. Then on the iPad:

    Real Racing 3: vroom vroom! And fantastic graphics.

    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD: swoosh boom and fantastic graphics, but the plot is kind of thin and silly, and I’m currently in the single dullest resource-grind I can recall from any game, ever, so…

    Minecraft PE: no idea why digging big pointless cavern systems and doing easy resource gathering is so soothing, but it is! I’ve now made a bucket and filled it with milk; maybe one day I shall have cake!

    Pudding Monsters HD: more a set of puzzles than a game, but they are fun and the graphics are adorable.

    There! πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya Dale, sorry for the delay in replying – I hasn’t had much time (or energy!) lately.

      Funny thing about GoF2; I have it too amber have never played it past the basic tutorial. The reason this is funny-odd is that I had the first game on an old dumb phone and loved it hugely. I played it for weeks and weeks and achieved most, if not all, of the goals iirc. But this version, whilst bigger and far more beautiful, just leaves me cold. It’s not a fault of the mobile platform, well not entirely, but rather the universe it happens in. I want a Sol centric universe to play in, not just another made up galaxy with elves and orcs in vacsuits. This is why I’m looking forward to Elite Dangerous and not at all to Star Citizen.

      1. Ha I am comparatively clueless about games, really; I’m playing GoF2 because a certain offspring recommended it. Never heard of either of those last two you mention; I will have to go look them up now.

  7. Ah well, Murray is kinda dead now. However there are still some oldies hanging around in Balance. When you are bored, feel free to step by and wave πŸ˜‰

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