Adventures in Ingress: Land grabs & power struggles…

Not much time for blogging at the moment but I have had a lot of fun playing Ingress lately.

For a start, whilst in London I managed to grab some badly neglected Resistance portals both near the hotel, in a nearby park and hidden away in a public place that was hard to access. This latter one alone has ensured that whilst the enraged Smurfs took back some of my portals very quickly, others have held out for a whole week! Take that London dwelling level 8ers! A lone level 3 from the sticks opened a whole can of Enlightened whoopass on ya! 😀

This is the park I took near Russell Square single handedly. I have to say it was a real rush, especially with my phone battery seconds away from dying as I took the last portal away from the lazy Smurfs 😉




Still, every silver lining… Whilst I was in the Smoke some Smurfing chancer took down all my portals in my home village! The swine! But another lazy swine for when I managed to pass by them tonight I found he’d let them all run low so I stopped and nabbed them all back 🙂

But the icing on the cake was a  chance gain at work today. The level 8 Smurfs there have the place locked down tight but with exam time upon them they’ve been distracted and let their portals run down without recharging. More lazy Smurfness, I’m seeing a pattern. Imagine my surprise when I found one had become gray & unowned. I snaffled it up PDQ and all but skipped back to my office knowing that amid the sea of smurf-holes I had opened the first ever Enlightened portal at the University 😀


Thirty minutes later one of the level 8’s ripped it apart, but I consoled myself with the thought of his surprised look when he noticed the portal that had been blue a few hours ago was now green! Oh the joy! I bet the Smurfs never thought it could happen to them in their blue fortress farm but there I was, a quiet insurgent watching and waiting and biding my time… bahahahaha!


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