Adventures in a Ingress: Expanding empires…

I have three portals in my home village now and have linked two of them. I still need a portal key to drop for the final link and then I’ll have completed my first zone of mind unit control, albeit a very small one. Hey! I’m just one man here, and a lazy one at that.


On top of that expansion I’ve had some unexpected success in a London. Almost as soon I stepped off the train I found one unowned portal and another two Resistance portals on the edge of collapse. I took one of them down [I’ll get the other tomorrow] and snaffled the unowned one in double quick time and even managed to link them!


Not bad for an Ingress loner, huh? 😀

EDIT (17/06/13]: Woke up this morning to find some passing Resistance player had taken one of my London portals back and severely damaged the other. I’ll be correcting this cheek soon 😀


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