Adventures in Ingress: Awash in a sea of blue…

I can see my office from here...

I can see my office from here…

See that mass of blue? Well I’m slap bang in the ruddy middle of it! Me! A loyal Enlightened foot soldier for Jarvis nuts-deep in stinking Resistance fuck-buggery.

Sigh. It ain’t easy being green.

Still, I have a plan. The map above is the University where I work and I can see from the portal owners data that there is only a small number of Resistance devils on campus – only the fact they are a) Level 8s and b) living here 24-7 means I can’t get a foothold (they even nabbed a portal I had submitted the second it was approved!) but come the summer they will have left and I will be still working here. All alone. Unmolested by their Level 8 shenanigans. Oh yes, by the time the Uni opens again in mid-September I shall reign supreme and I will be wallowing naked and glorious in a sea of green, lovely lovely green…

In the meantime I’m stockpiling my supplies by hacking the bejesus out of these blue portals every day and hoping against hope at least one Jarvis virus drops.

Please Jarvis, look kindly upon this poor wretch and infect me with your glory. And virus, you mucky pup.



      1. er android…like robot phones…er my shitty old Nokia I have at the moment struggles with internet!

        Hope to upgrade when I get back to civilization!

                  1. indeed the old salt n lineker crisps…although I preferred cheese n onion, can wolf down hula hoops and Cheesy Snaps..i can taste them now!

                    When something is cheesy and I scream out ‘Cheesy Snaps’ people look at me real strange..why is that?

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