Meanwhile… in Survivalcraft, my archipelago idea seems to be going down well…

Thanks to Rudedog it seems my idea of a world of infinite islands in Survivalcraft is being well received over on the SC forums. This surprises no one more than it does me because 99% of the time I’m convinced that I’m spouting total rubbish and no one ever reads this blog, so it’s nice to know I’ve struck a chord with fellow SCers 🙂

Hopefully Kaalus will like & implement it and my SC photo album can look like this…



UPDATE: If you are interested in my thoughts on Survivalcraft developments including my thoughts of the island generation system added in 1.22, you may want to read this post:



  1. Cool photo bro, yeh folks like this idea. I havnt played SC for a week or so, my build is epic and to be honest the sheer amount of land I have to remove before I can build has became quite mission that has started to bore me some what haha, I also miss playing a game with other so I have begun to play parallel kingdoms again and hooked up with some old friends. Shame u don’t play I think we would make good buddy’s 😀

      1. Haha yeh I know what u mean man, I’m from England by the way. I just like kicking it with folks all over the world. It never used to intrest me but I spend more time chatting than playing recently lol.

          1. Thought I already sent a reply haha, yeh I’m from down south in Bournemouth mate, bloody hot this last week hey mate 😀

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