Adventures in Ingress: MOAR PORTALZ…

My portal in the village* still belongs to me which tells me either the player who I took it from is no longer an active player, or the Resistance is slow on taking portals back in my area. To be honest, from reading the chat in the client it seems all the action is based in the nearby town and the old county capital 30 miles north of me. Either way, my village and the small town a couple of miles to the south are pretty quiet.

I mention the town to the south because I managed to take a portal there last weekend and nearly took down another. Had I the time and bursters I could have taken another three easily but, alas, time and resources both ran out.

Still, I now own this portal too 😀


All in all, I’m still enjoying the game and the missus has downloaded it too, although she won’t tell me which side she is fighting for. Knowing her as I do, she’ll be Resistance just so she can mess with my portals 😉

I’m off to London again soon and I’ll use the opportunity to grab as many resources as possible. Maybe I’ll get nearer to level 3, who knows. In the meantime I’d like the weather to get better and my stupid stomach to settle down before I go on any long Ingress-powered walks.

* In reality It’s a suburb of the town 3 miles away but it’s still called a village because my parents’ generation still remember when it was. My lovely old nan has been dead nearly 10 years now but I still remember her stories of the old village with its one doctor, stinking tanning yards and how her grandad, my great great grandad, was part of the team who built the first railway line through in the mid-1800s.


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