Life when waiting for the next updates…

Both Survivalcraft & Minecraft Pocket Edition have new updates in the pipeline. This is no surprise for SC as Kaalus works like a madman to update his creation, but for MCPE an update is akin to rocking horse shit so this is big news. It’s also big news for me as I’ve pretty much stopped playing both so I’m hoping that these updates will give me a renewed sense of interest in the games.

For SC I’d really like to see more emphasis on surviving, goals to achieve and strive for, dangers to overcome. Kaalus says he’s working on just these so I’m really looking forward to 1.22 🙂

For MCPE the fact they are adding realms, online servers for collaborative play, excites me a lot if for no other reason than I’ll be able to play with The Boy when I’m away from home. It also means I can invite friends to my place and we can work together on… I don’t know, stuff. MCPE doesn’t have as much to offer as SC but the ability to play online with other players is going to be huge!

So roll on the end of May when I think both will be out and I maybe I’ll be enthused enough to start playing and blogging about them again. Maybe.


  1. Hello bro there is a app out already that allows u to play mcpe online. I can’t remember it’s name just ask in the mcpe reddit and they will point u in the right direction ;D

  2. How do you feel about the new SC mechanic that will have you getting winded from any activity and blacking out from hunger?

    1. Hi there, I had replied to your comment ages ago but it seems WP ate it and I never noticed! I’m not convinced the stamina mechanic is going to improve my game play experience, if i’m honest. I’d be happier with goals to achieve rather than regular breaks in my momentum of fun.

  3. I’m really glad Kaalus is adding the big magnet in order to allow us to set where the compass points, too! Now, I can do some distant exploration and sleep overnite without the compass pointing back to my last sleep location. Said it will point to the closest magnet,so I guess you can place a second one and simply destroy it to make the compass point to the first one which will always be at my original point on the map.

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