Adventures in Ingress: Battle Royal, Part The First…

There’s a portal just near my house. I should know, I submitted it way back in November last year. Yay me. But then I didn’t do anything about it. Boo me. After my trip to London where I flirted with the game, I decided to look at the local portal on the Ingress Intel site and to my horror found it had been claimed by a Level 3 player called CyberFox! Worse! He was on the opposing side, he was Resistance!

This would not do.

So I grabbed my phone and The Boy and we headed into the village to take our enemy down. Now I didn’t expect much, the portal was level 3 and I a mere 1 so what could I realistically do against it? Well as it turns out, quite a bit. You see I’d picked up quite a few XM bursters in London and as I started firing them off, the resistance resonators holding to portal open for the enemy began to take a beating. A big one.


Launching my XM Bursters against a Resistance portal!


The portal fights back!

As I fired of one after another the resonators began to fail and then collapse until, to both of our excitement, the portal was down to one resonator which teetered at what looked like 33% efficiency. The Boy prepped the portal for a final attack and… nothing! We had used up our stock of weapons with only the smallest amount of energy left in the last active resonator! The portal would not fall until we could take down that last resonator and until it fell we could not claim it for the Enlightenment.


Almost... Almost...

What followed was madness driven by an overwhelming desire to capture our first portal. We returned home, got into the car and spent an hour driving around the next town just to hack their portals in the hope of getting enough L1 bursters to take the last resonator down, all the while watching out for an email alert that Cyberfox had returned to repair all our damage! Madness I tells ye!

Luckily for us, he never returned to shore up his defenses and by the time we got back we had enough tools to finish the job we had started hours earlier. We set about attacking…


Taking down the final resonator.

Until, with a satisfying animation, the last resonator imploded and the portal reverted from its blue, Resistance-owned status to grey & unclaimed.


The portal collapses in on itself!


And now to claim it for The Enlightened!

We had done it! The portal was ours! Well, it would be as soon as we could deploy 8 L1 resonators around it (and for good measure we bolstered it with 3 shields I had hacked from London sites). Let’s see Cyberfox take this back now! 😀


Build it big and build it strong...

And so, just like that and in a three hour flurry of walking, driving & hacking we had our first portal under our belt. Now we have to defend it…


My first ever portal... *sniff* I'm so proud...



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