The Burro is Back!

I’ve been working away in London again. I had Wi-Fi so could have posted but, if I’m honest, I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t play MCPE or SC once, not once. What this shows me is that I’m still bored with MCPE  and the horsey update for SC just hasn’t grabbed me. I didn’t think it would.

Kaalus is already working on the next update and despite the first news being the ability to paint more blocks, about which I couldn’t care less, he has teased there is a new survival mechanic on the way. Hallelujah. Hopefully the next update will re-spark my interest in playing because if it doesn’t, the upcoming MCPE Realms just might and I’m not one for playing more than one thing at once.

Oh, as I was in London rather than the backwater I live in near Manchester, I decided to give Ingress another go, but more of that in my next post… 🙂


  1. Yeah, the new animals didn’t exactly rock my world, either. They don’t seem to have unique behaviors that would make it interesting to watch. I don’t think the giraffe’s munch on tree leaves, do they? We only have one device in the house right now that runs SC, so I’ll probably be more inclined now to loan my device to my daughter so she can play with the new animals. This morning I’ve simply been experimenting with placing the new electrics like the through-block, trying to find bugs and come up with some ideas. What would be really cool if that new boat can be built upon to make larger ships.

      1. Oh, but they do. You just need to place them looking downward from above that level. I found that out today.

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