Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft 1.21… OH MY GOD! I KILLED SHERGAR!

I’ve not had much time to play the new update since its release this week but I’ve managed a couple of hours here and there and I can honestly say that the new horses and riding mechanic have been more fun than I had anticipated 🙂


Still, were one of the horses I have conscripted into my service writing this post not only would I need a new tablet due to severe hoof damage, but I have a strong suspicion they would consider my riding of them a lot less fun than I have. Why? Simple. I have ridden a just about all of them to their deaths over the edges of cliffs or steep mountain drops!





Horses are hard to control and when in gallop or racing up a mountain it can be damn hard to even see a fall let alone stop in time!

Still… Damn…



  1. Did you know you could have revived those beasties by slapping another saddle on them? Some sort of bug that Kaalus just fixed.

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