Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… HORSES!

As I set up my third shelter directly east of my main house (the nearest, most unexplored area as I’ve gone inland from the shelters both north & south of the house so the most likely place to see the new animals, etc. in the 1.21 update) I ran in to a small pack of horses led by this very pretty white steed that put me in mind of Shadow fax😀


By the by, you’ll notice my pictures look different to the usual ones. This is because the texture pack I favour hasn’t yet been updated with the new items (fish and leather for example) so I’m using the default one until an update is released.

From this...
image this!

8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… HORSES!

    1. The iOS version will be out soon so you can try it for yourself. I like the new critters, but have to say I do like the old blocky look more… it’s just cuter🙂 Still, the new playmobil look is good and helps move the game a little further from MCPE.

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