Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft: Kaalus has only gone and released the huge 1.21 update!

Apple have turned down Kaalus latest submission of Survivalcraft and although Kaalus is confident it’s a technicality he can overcome quickly, he’s decided to release 1.21 to Android & Windows before the Apple crowd get it which has caused 95% of his fan base to self-combust with naked joy. I’m a little less naked & combustive, but only just 🙂

Read more here:

p.s. the cattle driving mechanic looks fun!


    1. Well I’m made up for you all on android who got SC but I’m totally gutted I got to wait for iOS ;(
      “a tear streaks down my cheek” never mind it has given me abit more time to work this blogging stuff out haha. Burro I posted some more pics of my builds on my blog so u can take a look if u want to and anyone else who would like to please feel free.
      Oh burro hope u don’t mind me posting my blog link like this on your blog? Please say if its cheeky cos I’m not sure what rules you all follow here in these kind of things cos its all new to me. The last thing I want to do is tread on people’s feet.

      1. Hi man, of course you can put links here, blogging is all about linking 🙂 I’ll get around to posting your blog address soon, probably next week when I’m in London worrying for a few days.

      2. As soon its out for iOs I know at least 3 people I want to buy SC for (my kids) and three others I want to encourage to at least download the demo!

        1. It’ll be great to have the Apple crowd on board too. The size of that audience is huge and very influential – the little SC community is about to get a lot of new neighbours 🙂

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