Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft 1.21… Big water, camels & a bloody piranha!

I had to pull a late one at work so I didn’t get into the latest update until nearly 9pm but once I did I headed out into uncharted areas of Antland in order to allow the new terrain tweaks to generate deep lakes so I could see some of the new animals. I was not disappointed!


A huge and deep lake.


A piranha... the bugger took a chunk out of me!

And in the dessert next to the lake… herds of friendly camels!



Can’t wait till I have some time to explore properly 🙂


  1. I haven’t had as much time to play the update as I’d like but I’m very impressed so far. The terrain generation is improved, the large lakes and expansive plains are a great addition. Climbing feels so much better, smooth and fast. I’d never really noticed how much I hated the pogo jumping until it was changed. Also makes it less likely that I’ll fall off a mountain while pogoing up. Fish in the water makes the world more alive and interesting. The new animal behaviors, while a minor tweak, add a great deal to the feeling of a living world. Animals now respond to noise and will flee when gravely injured. I haven’t managed to wrangle a horse yet but I’m looking forward to some cattle driving. Already got me a sod house on the wide open prairie, gonna make a large stockade and have a sweet little home on the range 🙂

    Now that we have leather I anticipate that the next update will add clothing or armor. Otherwise we’ll all be collecting a whole lot of leather for not very much use. I mean, how many saddles do you really need?

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