Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft, Another Stranded Soul!

Over on the next island to Antland a stranded soul is journaling her struggle to survive after she too was marooned. Pop over to and follow her progress. So far she’s survived hungry wolf packs, angry bear attacks and a forest fire that burnt her tree-top house to the ground!



  1. Hello dear Sir, I am pleased to make your acquaintance 😀
    Yeh I’m English to bro just thought I would sound all proper there speaking the queens English haha. I’ve been reading through abit of your blog, I say abit cos there is Soooo much content there, it’s like a bloody bible haha. I must say it has been a very enjoyable read and although I have never spoke to u I feel some weird connection to you through reading it. Before I go any further, No I’m not some dirty old man with a strange tendency to stalk people online. I am also a dad of 2 boys and basically married I’m 34 and my gaming adventures are surprising similar to yours although through different game formats.
    I have also ventured away from the pc and consols to play on my ipad as it suits my lifestyle now. My bloody kids and missis messed up my game time so it just fits in well to pick up and play when ever I get the chance on my mobile devise.
    K well then where do I start.. I used to play rpg games on ps3 like oblivion
    ( elder scrolls on pc) damn what a game that is I must of done about 200hours on that plus until my boy hammered my ps3 to death and gave it the red light of death and killed it along with all my saved game haha Aaaarrrrrr.
    I liked Rome total war on pc aswell, as I’ve got older I just got to luv strategy in my gaming. Of course I’ve been around since the birth of gaming so this is not to mention all those years of old titles back in the day, but that’s another story..
    Ok so as the kids got older I had less and less time to go on the pc and consols by chance I brought a iPod touch 2nd gen when they first came out. This was for my music initially . Then I noticed you could play games on them, Mmmmm intriguing I thought. At that point there was just crap titles out, I started of playing mafia wars, how crap was that but the fact u could play with people all over the world was amazing and never seen before for me, I was hooked.
    I got bored with that and started looking for other titles that could fill the gap i needed to fill with a game to get my teeth into. I eventually found a game called parallel kingdoms, like SC it had devs who listened to the players needs and the game evolved with these ideas. It was good times ahead I was there from the dawn of the game and was present to see it evolve over about 4 year of playing it, damn I played nothing else apart from that game haha. I became a Legend a king of kings, I forged a reputation out for myself and had followers the world over, let alone to say I was rich beyond rich in that game.
    The main thing about this particular game I luved was the fact the game world was painted over the real world gps atlas map. And yes that is one big world to conquered and explore, you spawn in the location u are in in real life and away u go with all mmo, rpg qualitys seen in games alike.. The aspect of the GPS and world atlas for the world u play in makes this game unique and it’s a shame other games don’t do this aswell I think 😉 just imagine SC set on the world map like this that would be quality.
    Anyway nothing lasts forever kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall that’s just the way things go hahah. I made some Awsom friends there but as real life takes over sometimes less of them were active and the game became lonely without them by my side. Unfortunately this loneliness was my dismise and it proved my desperation for company was my downfall. As in this game people can seal from u if u drop items and my items was my fortune as they were worth so much. Anyway over the period of about 8 months I was groomed by some people pretending to be my friends I even spoke to them regularly
    On Skype. They helped me through some tough times in my real life, and I though they were solid boys of mine. That was untill they ripped me off lol. Yeh I can laugh about it now but it did rearly hurt at the time and to think a game I played for fun made me feel like this, Daaaaamn…
    Needless to say I just couldn’t get into the game after that to much. It literally hurts me to log on now ;(. But who knows I might start playing again one day 🙂

    So once again I needed a game to fill the void, my son played mcpe so I started to have a go at that. Being a builder in real life I took to it like a duck to water lol my son thinks I’m a legend at the game which isn’t a bad thing ;D but now I’ve noticed mcpe has to many limits so I am so looking forward to SC to be released for iOS, it will be great on my ipad. Ive been doing nothing but looking at screenshots and researching what the game has to offer and it looks awesome. I just hope it can fill the void I have at the moment. I luv building games so much but I do miss the mmo/rpg elements from other games. Playing in real time with diamond geezers with the same mindset as me is the best 😀

    Pleased to meet ya man anyway . Luv what u doing with this blog thing it great :D. Maybe one day we can start to play a game together who knows 😀

    Regards Dog.

    1. Hi mate – welcome to the blog! I’ve been writing this for about 6 years now but only covered MCPE & SC in the last few months. You sound like you’ve had one hell of a gaming past!

      I think you’ll get the iOS version of SC pretty soon – the new 1.21 version would be best to get from the outset because it irons out some annoying bugs.

      I think SC multiplayer is a loooooong time off, but at least we should have multiplayer MCPE by May and it would be great to hook up on one of their Realms servers. Are in America? If so, the fact I’m in the UK means finding a suitable time can be really hard as I am 5 to 9 hours ahead of you.

  2. That’s cool mate I know your a busy man 😉 oh did u have to pay to make your blog look this good? I had a little dabble at making my own with no effect lol and I don’t want to pay ;( blogging is all new to me.

      1. Yeh man it’s my castle thx, that was my inspiration when I play mcpe I luv japanese castles. Ill post some more pics of that world it’s kind of not even half way done. As u know mcpe needs a lot of work that’s why I can’t wait for SC ;D just the fact I can blow up the land instead of digging one block at a time up will save me so much time.

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