Survivalcraft: Antland – Building a better house

I hauled the bags of ore-laden rocks over the hills and through the streams back to the mud hut I had been forced to call my home. God I hated that mud hut, all filthy earth and depressingly damp. It would have to go.

Luckily the bricks I had left drying in the sun were ready so after I stashed away the ores I set to building a better house.


Over the course of the next few days the walls crept up higher with windows giving me a view of the whole area.


I made sure there was plenty of room for storage, the mud hut had been a pokey hole so I wanted space for lots of chests around.


As the walls got high enough I added a wooden platform so I could start work on the roof.


I worked at night, in thunderstorms, through wolf attacks…




Until, at last, I had four strong brick walls around me and a roof over my head. Hamshank may have abandoned me on this rock to be eaten by wolves, but I would show him. I would survive here, I would escape and I would find him and then there would be hell to pay! And I wanted a bloody refund!



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