Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… Erm, exactly where does the electricity come from?

There is a battery in Survivalcraft. You craft it from coal & copper. It stores electricity. And for the life of me I have absolutely no idea what I would use it for.

You’re probably thinking “To provide power to electrical circuits, ya great wazzack!” but woah there my fine reader! If I make a light and a switch on my battered old crafting table and pop them up next to each other, then a mere flick of the switch the light turns on without any wires leading to any plug socket, generator output or wee copper & black coloured bettery.

How does that work then? How are we generating free electricity? And if we are, what the hell is the battery needed for?

For the record what I’d like to see added in the future is the need to generate electricity via wind for wave and batteries being used to power circuits too far away from such sources. Nothing scarier than trying to get the hell out of a deep mine when your lights have gone out and you didn’t bring any torches…



    1. Ooooo, now I’d love to build one of those… in fact I think you can in either Voltz or feed The Beast (mod pack for the PC version of Minecraft). If you haven’t watched any of the Yogscast Voltz series you really should, especially around episode 9 when one of the two groups cheats and rezzes in a Red Matter Bomb that can destroy the whole world and bring the server down 😀

  1. Actually, that’s what the battery does bring power to lamps too far away from a switch. I don’t use them though, your right… Their just too bulky. Also, I found something out: if you put a line of wires connected to a switch, and place the lights BELOW but connected to that line, then the switch/button can power more lamps.

  2. A light switch can only light a certain amount of lights. Add a battery and, in my experience, more lights can be powered but still respond when the light switch is turned on and off.

    1. I was thinking about that as I wrote the post. In vanilla Minecraft the power comes from the dust of an ore called Red Stone and it works very much like SC’s electricity/wires/batteries but because it’s an ore it can get away with more, you forgive its lack of rationality because it’s almost a magic item and therefore exempt from reason.

      In MC mods such as Techit or Voltz there are power systems that make more sense with generation & storage needs too take into account when building. I like that level of detail 🙂

  3. I don’t think Kaalus will accommodate for mods in SurvivalCraft.
    A friend of mine will upgrade Minecraft for the PC and then ends up having to rollback to the previous version so the mods his kids love with still work. He has three small boys and has set them each up with their own PC in the living. Since he installed MC they play it all the time. Winter is still not over here in the States, but he’s not so sure his boys are going to break away from MC to go outside when it finally is Spring.

    1. Now that spring is breaking here, I’m trying to break my lad from playing MCPE & SC so much and get back outside – so far it’s worked but he wants a building session in his MCPE land this weekend 🙂

  4. Children playing MCPE and SC are not very interested in playing survival mode and would rather always build don’t they? They don’t like to craft and just want the items available immediately. Since I bought my youngest daughter a Nook Color for Christmas instead of a Kindle Fire, she can’t play SC on it yet (going to get her the NookToAndroid sdcard soon) I have to loan her my android phone for her to play SC. Boy, if you want to see some creative ideas you hadn’t thought of, just let a kid loose in creative mode!

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