Holy Reader Spike, Batman!

Woah! The reader stats for this blog jumped from around 30 a day to over 200 yesterday and nearly 300 today (and its only 7am). It seems my Survivalcraft page is gathering a lot of hits and these seem to be coming from a Reddit thread about the game but I’m assuming some come from the game itself, from the linked sign in front of my house.

I wonder how many people have downloaded Antland? Well, I hope they are enjoying it 🙂



  1. That’s great! I thought they’d like your blog. And thanks for linking back! That subreddit is the other project I’ve been trying to maintain but barely have the time for.

            1. LOL! Well hello! Actually I was just glad you weren’t a troll at the time – it can be hard to tell from one comment but your link to the Reddit put my mind at ease.

              I’ve been reading the Reddit since you gave me that link, but not got around to posting there. I have a block with Forums, mainly because I can’t keep up with the speed of discussions once they start but I’ve been meaning to put something up on yours for a while now. I’ll take another look at joining this week 🙂

  2. Hey, I uploaded your world! I was wondering, could you maybe have a second world where you take requests from your fans as to what to build? That would be awesome.

  3. And yes, I downloaded it. I have since died… Twice… But I liked being able to see what supplies you have. Do you do YouTube videos of antland? That would be really cool.

  4. I explored Antland some tonight. I found your deep cave. Does the little fence in the entryway keep out all animals? You world must have been created after Kaalus introduced the new cave system that he promised was larger. What I noticed is I had a lot more caves before, and now there are few of them, but supposedly bigger. I’ve explored at least 50 caves. In Antland I did find a big cave with some malachite at the bottom that I’m sure you’d like to mine, but because I wandered far, I don’t know how to describe to you where to find it. I may actually be lost, but I can always redownload your world and start again. Also, did you know about the ever-burning coal blocks? Have you made any explosive or have areas that you’ve blown up?

    1. Hi mate,

      I have 4 deep mines signposted near the house, but then I have lots more out in the wild scattered around my shelters. I tend to run of wood & stone after building two so you will find torches outside caves around the shelters 2 & 3 days walk inland.

      This version of Antland is called 1202 because I had a world created in 1.19 and I always felt there caves whilst numerous, were shallow and I wanted to try the new terrain system Kaalus introduced in 1.20 and so I called it Antland 1202 in order to know which one I was in. After finding my first huge cave system I deleted the old Antland created in 1.19 because I knew I’d never being going back there – it was no loss as I’d done next to nothing with it due to the fact I was building my undersea dome in MCPE at the time 😀

      I’ve tried the ever-burning coal blocks but have beeen hit with the bug that causes them to burn out so I’ve stopped. After the 1.21 update fixes the bug I’m planning on using them to build mountaintop cairns both for decoration, but also to indicate a second type of emergency shelter I’m planning, a bolt hole for the times I can’t find the main shelters. Yes, I’m that paranoid ;-D

      As for explosives, there should be some in my basement. I haven’t made a lot because in my tests I’ve found they destroy the block you’d want to mine (coal & iron, etc.) so I’m not sure what use they actually are. If I’m going to use TNT to mine, I wants more than a few blocks of cobblestone at the end of it 😀

      1. Explosives are useful for mining, you just have to make sure you get rid of your MCPE mindset. In MCPE the world and thus the resources are limited. So you must be careful not to blow up your precious diamonds or gold. In SC the world is infinite, as are the resources. The TNT doesn’t do the mining for you, it exposes places to mine. I use it especially for diamonds. Dig a hole to bedrock and set off a large gunpowder keg. It will create a large cavern and sure, any ores caught in the blast will be destroyed but it will expose many more along the blast perimeter for easy mining. Just like it’s easier to find a cave and explore it to find ores than it is to mine your own tunnels. Recently I’ve been using TNT to find saltpeter by placing the kegs on the surface in a sandy area and laying waste until I can see the white. (If any of this doesn’t make sense let me know, I’m up very early with Lil H.I. Jr.)

        1. I’ll use a medium barrel when I’m at the end of a cave and think that surely there’s something more beyond it. Usually not. I wish there was the opposite of a blasting barrel that would actually fill in large areas. I tend to play the same world for weeks, and accidentally made an ugly large crater in the nice beach near my main home that blights my view from now on.

      2. So, since we both are running 1.20 does that mean when we both go into the same direction of unexplored area of the map, it will be generated the same? Or is there always a random element even starting from the same seed?
        Also, what is a bolt hole?

        1. I imagine the would be an randomness, but I’m not 100% sure.

          A bolt-hole is a small hiding place you can run to when things get tough. When I’ve been lost and unable to find a shelter I’ve found the highest mountain tops are good places to go because the animals rarely come up that high and you can generally see them when they try. I suddenly thought how good it would be to have a fire beacon there and a small hole to shelter in until morning 🙂

          1. Okay, I just make a hole anywhere about three blocks deep, jump up and put a block of dirt under me if its not soft enough, and then put a block above me to seal the hole. It can even just be a block of leaves which would probably be preferable if there were any chance of suffocation. At that point the animals can’t touch me, so I don’t have to be on top of a mountain. I even have room to put a torch on the wall of at my feet. That would be significant if like MC nearby animals would prevent sleep, and I had to stay up all nite in that hole, but for some reason SC doesn’t do that.

  5. Up early with the kids is a pain I know well – I got precious little kip last night as both have horrible colds (as do I thanks to them) and one had nightmares whilst the other one puked up snot. *builds a time machine and stitches it to a boxing glove to punch self in balls several years ago*

    I like the open cast mining of the beach idea – I only have one sandy mine for saltpetre and it was a bloody dangerous affair digging it out! Also the idea of opening up a cavern sounds fun, especially as I could then build a ruined underground temple down there!

    I think it would be nice to build a creative world where there were lots of secret places for folks to uncover – coves of ship-wrecks, abandoned villages, meteor strike zones, underground temples, that sort of thing 🙂

      1. Speaking of pics, how do I post pics that I have in a reply to you? Found some strange land formations in your world I’ve never seen in my worlds.

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