Survivalcraft: The texture of my world…

One of the many cool things about Survivalcraft is the ability to swap the default textures for others created by its fan base and since Kaalus introduced the easy download system in v1.20 it’s fair to say I’ve tried out quite a few.


Oooo, options!

It’s also fair to say that many listed are of dubious quality with some being so bloody ugly as to warrant some form of UN sanction, but some are really well done and it’s these ones I’ve been searching through for just the right one to tickle my fancy because, and I mean no disrespect to the creator, the default textures are a tad dull.


The default game textures.

So far all the good ones I’ve tried have been too… busy if you know what I mean, a little too medieval or steampunky.




But then I found there was a pack based on the one used in the Yogscast Tekkit series, the first & only texture pack I’ve ever fallen head over heels in love with; PureBDcraft. It makes the world look like a graphic novel and that’s always a good thing in my book and now, thanks to Survivalcraft fan Creeperi65 that’s how I could experience Antland too.


Mmmmm, lovely!

Since I downloaded it many weeks ago I’ve tried other packs but none have lasted more than a few moments, Sphax is just so good! I mean, just look at these shots from Antland 🙂





What texture packs are you using and why? Leave a comment below and I’ll try it out 🙂



  1. I’ve been using the default texture but I used and enjoyed JaninaCraft120 for a while. Bright and crisp. I can’t wait until Kaalus gets around to to revamping the community content system to allow ratings and/or comments. It is sorely needed. I know I can check out the forums but I’m usually on my phone and the forum is a pretty miserable mobile experience.

    BTW, expect more random comments and responses trickling in. I’m behind and will try to take the time to respond today, kids permitting. I made the mistake of buying another Kairosoft game so I’ve been MIA from the interwebs.

    1. Hmmm, that’s a damn good question… I *think* I had trouble too, in the end I logged into DB in my web browser as normal and then went back to SC to link it there – I had to ensure I had the correct email address showing at the top left corner as I have several email accounts on my tablet. After that SC linked to DB right away.

      Good luck! If you are still struggling, have a search on the SC forum as I’m sure there is a post there about it too.

    1. I had that too – it’s not an obvious thing. First of all you need to back up your world to your device and then publish that one, don’t publish the one from your dropbox.

      At least I think that’s how I did it…

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