Minecraft Pocket Edition update is coming :)

Johan Bernhardsson, the fella in charge of the development of MCPE, held a Q&A on TwitchTV* a couple of days ago and it was a mix of good & disappointing news. This is the link to the 22 minute long video but below is my list of high, and low, -lights: http://www.twitch.tv/jbernhardsson/c/2107816


  • Realms is coming meaning real multiplayer is almost here in turn meaning I can play online with my son when work sends me away from home. I have no idea how much this will cost me so if it’s a lot (over £5 a month) I’ll probably not do it, but until I see all the details I can’t say for sure. One thing that does put me off this a little is that the PE version still won’t match the PC version in terms of functionality for a very long time so I don’t want to be paying for a sub-standard product.
  • Chat is coming, albeit not in the next update it will be soon after.
  • Better inventory saving when leaving worlds.
  • Redstone is coming, again not in the next update.
  • New skins will be coming! I think we might have to buy them, but I’m not sure.
  • New UI with settings you can use in game rather than having to quit each time.
  • Endermen might be popping up (ho ho) soon!
  • Caves & big worlds will be on the cards sometime this year – at bloody last, I say!
  • Minecarts sometime this year, probably linked to the last point.
  • A camera function is coming (although there is no date and they see it as a small feature – I’m sure many of the players would disagree).



  • Smooth lighting. So what. I’m much more interested in sky and weather effects.
  • Music this year. Ho hum. I would probably turn it off anyway.
  • No enchanting planned for a very long time. Oh well. Let’s get redstone running first, shall we?

Those are my thoughts – what do you lot think, leave a comment below.

*Wow, TwitchTV sucks on both my phone and my tablet. Way to go, Twitch! App deleted.



  1. Okay, fine. No MC style crafting. Could they at least make it so you don’t have to cycle through your item slots? After playing SC for so long and going back to MCPE I felt like an idiot trying to put items in specific slots. Who the hell would think that’s a good idea??

    I initially bought MCPE during the big $0.10 sale about a year and a half ago. Seeing the half-assed fashion that updates have come out and features that have been added I have zero confidence in MCPE. Sure they seem to be on a good track now but who knows when they’ll switch gears and change developers again. If I had anyone to play multiplayer with I’d probably feel differently.

    1. I went back to MCPE with The Boy today as he wanted to explore my main world there. I found the controls so hard to get back into after so long playing SC. I’m sure Mojang will catch up, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry.

  2. I think MCPE will always seem like an afterthought to the MC PC game. A mere diversion for players with the actual intent they will be doing their real gaming and serious building on the PC version.

    1. Yeah, but I hope they realise they are missing a trick at some point in the future.

      Gaming is going to go more and more mobile as people realise they don’t have to be chained to a desktop. For me, as a busy dad, it means I can pick up my Nexus 7 and put it down at will and I don’t get anything like as much wife-aggro for deserting her to run around Tyria or Middle-Earth or Second Life. It also means I can play with my kid across two tablets and know that he’s safe from the less-cuddly aspects of the internet. At the moment the only game we can play together is MCPE as SC doesn’t have a wifi link, but as soon as it does I can see me & The Boy playing a lot more SC together than MCPE simply because we can do more in SC. He really likes to build electrically operated traps but needs me sat over his shoulder at the moment – in MCPE we can be in the same world together but only to stack blocks! Crazy!

      Mojang really need to embrace their mobile game and see it as a huge opportunity for them. At the same time Kaalus needs to get serious about multiplayer and start thinking of ways to monetising add-ons to the game. If I were him, I’d get the game to a playable state and then start releasing a mixture of free updates and paid-for DLCs such as new biomes, skin packs and animals. That way he could generate income to help develop the game game further because I imagine the whole thing is a huge time & money sink for him right now.

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