Survivalcraft: Antland Day 3 “Mining Deep”

The mud hut had stood up to the chilly nights, baking hot days and more than a few tropical storms but it was beginning to look a little battered. I had collected enough clay from a nearby stream that I could bake a ton of bricks but as they slowly cooked I decided it was time to collect some stone and coal from a likely looking cave I had spied off to the north east.


There's a cave out there with my name on it...

The tools I’d crafted weren’t the best but with persistence I managed to work the cave deeper and deeper until I hit a vein of precious coal, enough not only to light my hut for weeks to come, but also to create a bonfire to burn an effigy of that bastard Hamshank on the beach!

And then, as I was hacking away at a block of coal, the wall in front of me fell away and I found myself looking into a cavern full of black stone peppered with sparkling rocks of red, yellow and green…



Oooo, sparkly...



I had no idea what they were, but I knew I had to have them!



  1. Poking around in the recipedia I noticed that bricks are throwable. How cool is that? Once I find some clay I’m stuffing my pockets full of bricks 🙂

  2. Hmm, maybe before you upload your world you put up some signs with the URL to the corresponding blog page that has you journalling as Antman.

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