Help him check his Survivalcraft furnace!

There’s a new shipwrecked soul in town and he’s playing SC on cruel mode – that means if he dies it’s game over for that world so the stakes are high. As you can tell from my recent outbursts, cruel is not a setting I will ever play on so you should head over to and follow his progress.

Do you know what else? For me it’s nice to have another mature player of the game to read, someone with limited time and young kids that I can relate to as opposed to the shouty 10 year olds who seem to infest the game’s main website. Ahh, the lot of us betabletted-dads is a tough one 😉



  1. Betabletted? La de DAH! I will be playing Cruel on my trusty Galaxy Nexus 🙂 (running BAMF Paradigm 3.1 for people that are into that)

    With the comments on Kaalus’ posts I don’t know what’s worse, that someone’s actually typing them or that I’m actually reading them. Like Toddlers in Tiaras.

    1. The Nexus 4 phone? If so, wow! Mind you, I wish I’d have gone for that now instead of my Galaxy S2 as I still haven’t gotten Jelly Bean on it. I’ve snapped tonight and am desperately trying to install an official Jelly Bean update on it from flashed ROMs. I’m quite a way out of my comfort zone here – the first one I tried was Spanish, the second Norwegian – I’ve finally found a Brit version but I have to wait another 11 minutes to start the download… the suspense is killing me!

      Do you blog on your phone too?

      1. No, I wish! The Galaxy Nexus is the Nexus prior to the Nexus 4. Hardware wise it’s basically the same internals as your GS2. Software wise it’s vanilla Android, so no Touchwiz. You have checked XDA, right? I would think there should a tutorial for your specific device.

        Yes, using the WordPress app to blog right now.

            1. Good deal! That’s why after my first two Android phones (a HTC and Samsung) I vowed to only buy Nexus devices. Hardware is at a point where it’s not going to change your user experience significantly if you get the low end device vs the high end, it’s the software that will make the most difference.

  2. My phone was a cheap (pixie) that broke on a carnival ride. Now I basically just use my nexus 7 (hallelujah) for everything and my iPod for calling.

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