Survivalcraft: Rumors of my flouncing off have been slightly exaggerated…

I have calmed down. I’ve spent time away from the survival game and in the creative game with my lad where we have been building all manner of electrically operated traps (the new wire-through-blocks will improve the look and complexity of these a lot!). After a while I ventured back into the main game and back into my world. I expanded my house to include a lot more storage and a bolt-hole tunnel. I recouped what I had lost in the cave-ins. I put new safety protocols in place. I set up another three survival shelters to cover a three day march inland south of my house and, most importantly of all, I had fun.

Don’t get me wrong, it still pisses me off that if I die I lose everything I carry but now I cope with that with a simple act. I cheat. I change the world to creative, stock up with the same amount of stuff I lost and then change it back to survival. A voila, problem solved worked around. I just carry on as if nothing happened and my blood pressure stays in the health zone 🙂

By the by, I’ve found two amazing cave systems two days march inland from emergency shelter “South 1 East 0” – oh momma, there’s a huge amount of everything in them both! Now all I need is some reason to dig it all out beyond the nose-to-feed-button reward of simply the collecting of it.


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