Survivalcraft and me are through.

Fuck it, that’s me done with the game until the stupid mechanic that deletes all your stuff after you die is removed. Yet again I’ve been killed by a cave in and yet again it took me around a minute to get back in which time my full inventory of coal, iron, minerals and wood were deleted. Why? Fuck knows!

So fuck it. Alpha or not, I’m not playing the fucking thing again until something changes. Back to MCPE for me.



  1. They eventually go away in MCPE, too. I don’t know exactly what the algorithm is, but I’m guessing it’s a longer time than SurvivalCraft. 🙂 Also once you’re all armored-up, getting killed is quite avoidable…

  2. In vanilla Minecraft, at least, it’s five minutes. Though if you die and the last time your spawn was set was in another chunk, it’ll be five minutes from the first time that chunk loads again on your system. Cold comfort, but there’s that at least.

  3. Just go into creative mode and give yourself those items back. I’ve done that a couple of times, only the items I’ve lost.

  4. Seriously? Dude, it’s SURVIVALcraft. You’re not supposed to die. Stop dying, problem solved. Or take a nap when you’re about to do something dangerous so that your spawn point resets. You act like it’s a bug, it’s not. It’s not MCPE. It’s Survivalcraft.

    1. It’s not the dying I mind, to be honest its so easy to survive in Survivalcraft that I enjoy the odd death and the sense of danger mining occasionally affords. What I object to is what I feel is a far too short window of opportunity to collect my stuff once I have died. I have already hit the point where collecting stuff is all but pointless as there is nothing more to do in the game bar collecting it, but then to have an arbitrary time limit remove the items from the world means the is also no point in hunting for lost goods once dead either.

      If you don’t agree, maybe you could explain to me why a stack of coal should disappear once you die and can’t get back to it in under what I think is 60 seconds?

      1. No, you’re right. There’s no realistic reason that your stuff should disappear when you die. Of course, realistically you shouldn’t be able to carry a whole castle’s worth of blocks either. I actually enjoy that your stuff disappears upon death because it makes the game a lot more suspenseful, I end up jumping at every loud thunder crack or bear snort! Perhaps the problem is that the expectations should be set correctly at the beginning. Maybe it’d be less infuriating if the items just didn’t stay after death at all. Then you wouldn’t have to bother racing back there only to find them gone. Or maybe have a play mode that’s in between the normal survival game and cruel. So that times will stay for a while in normal survival but give an option to have them disappear without having to to through the extreme of playing on cruel. (Which is a actually a lot of fun, IMO) Myself, I don’t lose my stuff often because I’ve learned to find a resting spot before I attempt anything too dangerous, like swimming through underwater passages.

        BTW, I was just checking through your previous posts and they’re very good. It would be a shame if you did stop playing Survivalcraft. If you do continue playing feel free to join us over at We’re a small community now but are growing and could use some quality content such as yours.

        1. I think discussing the realism of any game is always going to be a fruitless activity. The bottom line for me is that I don’t play anything on hard levels as I’m not after that sort of challenge. I would find the need to sleep before having to tackle any dangerous task more of a chore than a boon to my game play and as soon as something become a chore it stops being fun for me. I just want a fair chance at getting my stuff back if I’m stupid or unlucky enough to snuff it.

          Thanks for the invite, I’ll certainly take a look but I’ve never really found forums to be my kind of thing. Also thanks for your kind words on my posts – I tend to blog about what grabs my attention and that has been SC for a couple of months now. I’m going to take a break from it for a while – maybe come back after a few more updates (the horses thing doesn’t interest me in the slightest). Over in MCPE it looks like they will get Realms going at the end of April and if they up the game play experience to something akin to SC I’ll go back to that for a spell. I like shifting between the two as it stops me getting bored and gives me somewhere to go when one of them pisses me off with an annoying, not-fun mechanic.

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