Survivalcraft: What to do next?

I’ve hit a plateau with Survivalcraft.

You see, there are only so many emergency shelters you can build, so many miles of repetitive & barren landscape you can explore, so many mines you can dig, caves you can explore, stacks of coal you can collect, diamonds you can search for, bears you can kill and wolves you can hide from before it all becomes very… samey.

The lack of end game, achievements or progress goals doesn’t help because I’ve hit a point in the game where, barring misadventure, I’m pretty much indestructible & have access to every resource the game has to offer. For a marooned soul, I’m actually damn comfortable and that doesn’t sit well with the central tenant of the game – survival.

What about the new update due any day now, I hear you ask. What about the horses? The riding? The new animals? Well yes, that all sounds fun, but only in the sense of a temporary distraction. Riding around an empty infinite land just means I’ll be seeing more of nothing faster and all the new animals just means there will be more things I don’t have any need of or use for wandering around a big, empty place. Nope, I’m sorry to say it but the new update hasn’t fired me up and in the meantime I’m growing a little bored of surviving with ease.

Without challenges to overcome, goals to achieve, milestones to reach I’m beginning to think the game is marketed incorrectly. In the Play store it’s described as a struggle to survive once marooned by a mysterious ship and therefore you’d be forgiven for thinking that the survival part was the main aspect of gameplay with the creative sandbox lab option added on for fun. Unfortunately (for me at least) it turns out that the survival part is so easy that after no time at all the only thing left to keep you involved is the option to create which is when the sandbox party reveals itself as the true core of the game, and I have a problem with sandboxes.

To me, when people describe Minecraft PE & Survivalcraft (and, to an extent, Second Life) as sandboxes what they actual mean is that they are a 3D sculpture tool. I say this because although powerful building tools there is nothing you can make in MCPE or SC that actually does anything. You see, I’m not creative enough to build amazing looking houses, bases, castles and the like but even if I were I can tell you one thing fit sure – I certainly wouldn’t want to keep building them if all they could ever be were nothing more than lifeless maquettes!

Sigh. SC, as I always remind you, is a great game and is still in alpha stage so please don’t imagine I dislike the game, it’s just that the isn’t enough in it right now to keep me engaged much longer. I hope future updates tackle some of these issues because I’d like to get back to surviving and away from mining & building…



  1. The survival aspect of this game is surviving the fans who will attack you again for criticizing it! 🙂

    Seriously, you make some good points. There are a couple of tweaks that would make the game much more difficult that are well within a few programming changes such as adding hunger and making the animals harder to kill even with a diamond edge machete. The aspect of MC where any darkness spawns monsters keeps one on their toes in that game, especially mining. We need something in SC that functions like that.
    I think people uploading their own survival worlds with traps and devices is where the survival aspect comes out, not in the normal survival game.
    But I really don’t want hunger and harder to kill animals, so much as I want the survival mode to be more interesting with more functional items to craft with perhaps even some secret crafting patterns. And I’d rather have the terrain be more interesting with some ruins of a secret civilization to discover parts of. But that could be something created in user-created and uploaded worlds.

    1. Hehe, I’ll take my chances with the fanboys. I think they are all kids do I should be OK, in fact rt he only real trouble I have is containing my natural urge to swear 🙂

      I’d love to see a hunger mechanic added because that would give as reason to explore and hunt. In essence that’s all the game needs; reasons to explore and although the community can provide some of that, Kaalus really needs to think about what mechanics are needed to underpin that ability. I would argue that horse riding wouldn’t be high on that list 😉

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