Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… CAVE IN!

So there I was, I’d just set up another shelter, mined out a ton of coal & iron, prepped my inventory for the next 4 shelters and it was midday… Hmmm, no point in setting out for the next site as I would need a full day to get there or I’d be left out at night with my arse naked in the breeze. But midday is no time to sleep the boring night away so what to do until dusk?

I decided to explore.

This turned out not a good decision. Well, not so much the decision to explore as much as the one to dig some saltpetre out of a sandy cave with no roof support…

The whole bloody lot came down and killed me instantly. Of course, the insane mechanic of deleting your stuff after 6.8 seconds meant I yet again lost everyfuckingthing I had but by now I’m used to that and have accepted it as a risk, albeit a very annoying one, as part of the game as it currently works so I didn’t rage quit. In fact I found myself actually really impressed by the crater I made! Wowsers!


If you find some coal in there, it's mine!



  1. I didn’t even know desert biomes had caves until a few months ago. I ran inside one, started digging, and it all collapsed on me, too! Didn’t even bother to run back and get my stuff, because I would have had to dig it out. Or would it be on top of the pile? If Kaalus puts occasional earthquakes in the game, we are all in trouble.

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