Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES!

It was when I was re-reading my original emergency shelters post that I noticed a light wasn’t working on one corner of my main house roof. Odd, thunk I…


No light? Hmmm, why I wonder...?

As I was by then out setting up the shelters it was a long time before I returned and as I came back to the of strange sight of two angry bears lodged in my attic I had forgotten all about it. Until, as I cleaned up the bear poop from the attic, I noticed rain coming in through a hole in the roof!



I'm lucky the whole thing didn't burn down!

The roof is made of wooden planks and I had placed a few light detection circuits (photodiodes & not gates) along its peak to power the floodlights surrounding the house. But now there was section of roof missing and part of the circuit had been broken!

The only explanation that made any sense (apart from werewolves trying to tear their way in… *shudder*) was a lightning strike! After all, the house has had near misses before…


So, after I had repaired the damaged roof and the wiring for the lights, I set to building lightning conductors at each end. They are blocks set higher than the roof line and laced in wires that run down to the earth below. Hopefully these will protect my house from capricious Mother Nature’s occasional firework display 😀



  1. I wonder what would happen if you put a bunch of gunpowder barrels high up on your roof or simply a platform in the sky?

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