Survivalcraft: Return to The Lostening!

Marvelous. I’m lost again. I had set up the second of the new shelters and gone mining to gather materials to stock number three only to find a really rich collection of coal and iron in a nearby cave. The problem facing me then was simple: I couldn’t go on with all that stuff in my inventory because not only would I be running the risk of losing it but I couldn’t carry it and the supplies needed to build the next shelter. The only solution was to return to base and drop off the goodies.


I'm rich! RICH!

That part of the plan went well. The next part, the part where I returned to the second shelter? Well… things went south when I couldn’t find the second sign & torch. Since then I’ve had to spend two nights shivering on a mountain top waiting for dawn to break so I could resume my search. The first night wasn’t so bad… If you don’t count the massive thunderstorm!


Bloody hell!

The second night is proving to be much, much worse. The moon is full and I’ve seen the blue flashes from deep in the valleys and they can only mean one thing… bloody werewolves!


Not again...


  1. Hi Headburro! baker b. here. Can you make load textures onto “prims” in Survivalcraft to make pictures for an art gallery? Would be nice to have an alternative to Second Life for this.

    1. Hi mate – looooong time no speak! I’m not sure you can for either Survivalcraft or Minecraft Pocket Edition (both of which are for mobile devices only) but you certainly can for the desktop version of Minecraft – there is actually a framed picture object in the game and you can mod its texture & put anything in there as a hangable/displayable picture.

      MCPE also has this object but I’ve never seen the game ‘modded’ with alternate textures. SC doesn’t have that kind of object but you can alter the textures of the blocks so with some careful planning you *could* make a gallery but it would be quite a task.

      In short Minecraft on the desktop and a google search on customising texture would be your best bet 🙂

  2. Thanks HBA! My student worker has discovered PC Minecraft recently. Maybe he can lead me into this new world. We’ll see how everything else develops around the gradual but steady decline of SL. Thanks again, baker.

    1. I’d love to know what you think of it. I’m much happier with the closed environment of the mobile version on my Nexus 7 tablet. I don’t miss the stresses of SL much if I’m honest.

  3. How did you ever find your way back? I’ve gotten so lost I’ve had to go into creative mode, set it to night, and fly around and around looking for any of my beacon torches placed usually on mountain tops.

    1. Well I spent a few nights on mountains and then wandering around during the day. I actually ended up back at my main house which really threw me as that was a full day south of where I started. In the end I retraced my steps from the house to the first shelter north and then inland to each of the signs leading to each of the new shelters and I found that the last sign was pointing south instead of east and that’s what had led me astray. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad because I could use the path of the sun (heading to where it rose) to find the cost and then turning left to head south to get back to my house 🙂

  4. I’ve found my way back sooner than expected using the coast. Does the coast go on forever, or does it come around to form a large continent?

    1. Well I have explored about 8 days north and south and whilst the northern coastline turn eastward after about 5 days, the southern coastline shows no signs of curving at all so far. I’m pretty sure the land mass *is* an island, but christ alone knows how big it must be!

  5. One thing I keep forgetting, is that the world is only generated as you move in it. So, even if I were to peek at the world file somehow, it would not show me more than what I’ve explored. I think the coastline is just randomly generated. I’d prefer the worlds to be large continents and it would be okay with me if they were not infinite, except perhaps for the open ocean portion.

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