Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… MOAR SHELTERS!

Now that I’ve gathered enough raw materials, its time to set off and build more hard box emergency shelters across the face of Antland. The last batch were all strung out along the coastline north and south of my main base and now I want to revisit each one and head one day’s march east inland (heading west will mean getting very wet indeed!).


Gartering my supplies for another long trip away...

I’m also going to add a naming structure to each one to help me locate my position in the world relative to my base. In theory, this should mean that no matter where I roam, if I find a shelter I can immediately tell how many days match east and then north or south I am from my base. I’m thinking that something like “Emergency Shelter N1E4” so that I know I have to yomp 4 days west and 1 south to get home. Pretty clever, huh? Well, if it works… 😀


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