Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… DIAMONDS!

Now that I’ve returned from my trip to add emergency shelters along the coastline to the north and south I’ve turned my attentions back to my four deep mines in an attempt to gather more supplies for more shelters, this time inland. In the two days I spent mining I came up with stacks of cobblestones and basalt for building as well as a fair few stacks of coal and even a little iron as well, but the real prize of all my digging was diamonds. Lots and lots of lovely diamonds!




More diamonds...


And even more diamonds!

Mind you, no matter how valuable the diamonds in all honesty the coal I found I’d far more useful to me 🙂


Mmmmm lovely coal!



    1. Yup, but I needed to replenish my torch stocks for the string of emergency shelters. Each one uses 7 (4 outside, 1 inside & 2 next to signs on the way) and after making so many I was running low on coal… especially after the last death where I lost everything on my way home – I had two full stacks I had just dug I up from a cave next to the last shelter :-\

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