My kingdom for a… horse?

Well, out of all the new mechanics* Kaalus could have brought to the new Survivalcraft update I can honestly say I never expected version 1.21 to introduce horse riding! I mean, why? What for? I’m totally stumped… 0.o


* Breathing meter for swimming, boats for sea travel, farming crops for food, maps for exploring to name a few!



  1. Its to help us relocate faster, u really shouldt be adding crap like that onto kaalus’ s coments page its rude, and he works hard to make stuff like that for us. You are lucky kaalus or somebody else doesn’t mget on you for such a hateful comment.

    1. Listen you took this the wrong way I said get on you about it, not get you, I’ve seen ppl sue for some 1 saying hateful things on ppls site.

  2. Hey, this is my blog so I can say what I like. I realise there will be a ‘pingback’ link on Kaalus’ blog but that is an automatic feature I have no control over – Kaalus would have to delete it himself or disallow automatic pingbacks as I can’t control what appears on his blog.

    As for my comments, I’m afraid I stand by them. I’m sure riding horses will be faster and a lot of fun, but it is not the feature I wanted to see. But because that is *my* view I have not posted a comment to that effect on Kaalus’ blog. Instead I posted it here where I can say what I want.

    I really like Survivalcraft, something you would know if you read my many other Survivalcraft posts. The truth is, I would have liked farming instead of riding and if Kaalus, you or anyone else feels I’m being rude then I’m sorry you think that because I’m not. But don’t come here threatening to get me – I’m not not some little kid you can bully online, pal. That’s your only warning.

    1. Im not bullying! I know how much it can hurt if somebody says something like that! I was sticking up for him, and it wasn’t a threat, i was saying ppl might think its rude, haven’t mu evr heard he saying “get on you about it”?.

  3. lolwut? No farming, but horses? That’s funny. 🙂 Have to hunt for food? I haven’t killed anything for food (well, except that one annoying chicken) in MCPE since I discovered wheat farming.

    The funny troll said that someone was going to mget you; so watch out for ftp clients trying to connect to you!

  4. And I understand his is your site and u can say what u want, but u shouldnt put it on kaalus’ s comments page. I would hate it if somebody said something like that to something I worked hard on, its just not right you dont realize how much that sort of stuff can hurt

  5. And by the way it was a typo I type fast and maybe im not some adult, but can find mean when i see it. I find it mean, if anything your the cyberbully, I can report it.

    1. It was not meant to be mean to Kaalus or the game. I’m afraid you have read too much into my words and maybe you don’t understand that people can express a difference without hating the subject. I like SC, it’s a great game, but I am allowed to express my views in an respectful way (even if you don’t recognise it as respectful).

  6. Burro wasn’t being mean, he was questioning enthusiastically. I think Kaalus will also see Burro’s comment as more of a request to explain his reasons to adding horses rather than any sort of putdown. But “just a request” does bring up an important point. If overload or annoy Kaalus too much he may stop working on SC.

    1. Which is exactly why I didn’t post my thoughts on his blog – the comment stream is just full of people demanding (usually in ALL CAPS!!!) that he add X, Y & Z feature. I find reading the contents there depressing, christ knows how Kaalus deals with it.

      In all honesty, I don’t care if Kaalus reads my thoughts – I’ve played enough games over the years to know that devs have their own path marked out and what we would like to see very rarely matters. In the end Kaalus has to make the game he wants to make and whether or not its the game I want to play shouldn’t matter to him because even if I don’t end up liking it, plenty of others will.

  7. I think most all of those annoying,demanding comments are from children. Children, are more likely now to have an android phone or tablet than they are to have a desktop PC anymore. Too bad, because I think they’d be happier on Minecraft on the PC. I think Kaalus recognizes those immature postings and mentally filters them out because I don’t see him to reply to those.
    What I’d like to see is him listening to feedback and suggestions from a select, trusted group of users.

  8. I like the horses being added in 1.21 because it makes it more fun to be on the ground instead of flying… plus its cool.:p

    1. Hiya, cool & fun I agree with – I had a wonderful horse in Second Life, a game with free point to point teleportation, just because it was so much fun so I’m actually looking forward to horses in SC but I would have liked other mechanics first 🙂

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