Meanwhile, in Survivalcraft… I FRIGGING WELL LOST EVERYTHING!


After building the last in my current run in my huge chain of emergency shelters I was returning to my house (which, although I didn’t know it at the time, was riddled with pissed off bears) I fell off a small hill and died. Fair enough, it was my fault after all, but again I lost all my bloody stuff because I couldn’t get back to the impact crater in time! Why? Why must all my stuff vanish? Jesus, it’s the single most annoying thing about this game!


  1. Yes I wish the game would at least give me a day to retrieve the items because it can be a long distance or I need to get a weapon again in the case of a animal attack. I had once spent many days if not weeks out mining caves and was bringing lots of copper home. I had actually gotten lost and kept caving and mining until I happened to spot one of my torch beacon towers in distance. I ran down a mountainside and there was too big of a drop so I died and lost all that I had mined.

    1. Ouch! That’s going to piss you off! And it’s the kind of mechanic that doesn’t need to cause so much rage because its not needed in the game. Rather than riding, I’d like to see Kaalus deal with core game-experience mechanics like this – make the core strong before adding stuff, I say 🙂

  2. This game is so complex, it’s actually over three games in one (Survival, Building, Electrics, etc.) that it really would have been better if Survivalcraft had been developed by a team. So, what we end up with is Kaalus working on mostly the things that interest him or are within his programming abilities.

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